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Kraig Helberg works with amputees in Ghana

Standing With Hope in Ghana


Kraig Helberg, an American prosthetist, with patient in Ghana  

My brother, Kraig Helberg, is a prosthetist, making arms and legs for folks who have lost theirs.   Kraig donates his vacation time and travels with Standing With Hope to Ghana where they have been establishing a clinic.

Kraig not only fits patients with high quality limbs but he trains local prosthetist technicians who live in Ghana so that they can learn new techniques and procedures.  He also helps with the donation of artificial limbs and materials here in the United States for use in Ghana.

On May 5, 2013, Standing With Hope will return to Ghana where Kraig will once again be working with patients and helping to establish a telemedicine clinic with the aid of the Ghana Health Services.

Their goal is to create a prosthetic infrastructure that will be sustainable in Ghana.  Once this is completed, Kraig and other volunteers will be able to provide ongoing training and patient evaluation for the Ghana staff on a daily basis.

I am inviting you to visit  and read more about their wonderful projects.  Standing With Hope is asking for cash donations as well as the donation of artificial limbs that are no longer being used.   All donations are 100% tax deductible .   Thank your for your help.