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Brier Farm Mural in Cape Cod

Brier Farm Mural in Cape Cod

In October of 2010, I was commissioned by my friends Carol and Tommy Garvey to create a mural in their 300 year old summer house located in Brewster, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.

Working with Carol's historical knowledge, I created the tiny original Cape house built in 1710 and the barn, and showed the new orchards and fields.   Whaling boats are shown on the water.   I painted the mural in the style of  Early American itinerant artist Rufus Porter.

The house and farm were sold to Captain Anthony Brier in 1867 and many additions were made to the house to turn it into a summer boarding house. 

Carols grandparents, William and Ada Wilson bought the house in 1947 and in 1986, Tommy and Carol purchased the house to keep it in the family.

The articles and photos appear in the June issue of Early American LIfe Magazine.