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Kristin Helberg

Elaine De Kooning portraits


John F. Kennedy c Elaine de Kooning 1963 National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian

I attended the opening event for the Elaine De Kooning Portraits show last night at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.     This wonderful show of portraits by Elaine De Kooning, includes her famous series of works on President Kennedy and many paintings that have never been on public display for many years.

Kudos to Brandon Fame Fortune, who curated the show.   She managed to track down paintings that are in private collections and established a group known as Elaine's List, that is comprised of collector's of De Kooning's artwork as well as those who knew the artist.  All in Elaine's List were in attendance last night to celebrate the grand opening.

Maybe now, Elaine De Kooning will be finally recognized for her own genius ,rather than always being outweighed by that of her famous husband.