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Kristin Helberg

Maryland Christmas Tree on National Mall 2015

kristin helberg

Every year, we get to enjoy the National Christmas tree on the Mall in Washington, D.C.  There are smaller trees surrounding the big tree, representing the 50 states and territories.  An artist is chosen to design and produce the ornaments for each state.   This year I was chosen as the artist for the state of Maryland.

The ornaments are quite large 18" in diameter.  I chose a soft palette of colors and the theme was images of the flora and fauna of the national parks and state parks in Maryland.  We also included one of our famous lighthouses and a tribute to Edgar Allen Poe. 

I chose 10 students from Resurrection St. Paul school in Ellicott City,MD to work with me.  Each student was given an assignment that they then drew and transferred to the ornament and painted.  They also painted the Maryland State Flag on the back of each ornament.

I am excited about attending the National LIghting ceremony on December 3rd in Washington and Seeing the ornaments hanging on our Maryland Tree.