Kristen Helberg - Paintings, Murals, and Vinegar Grained Boxes

Kristin Helberg

St. Mark School in Catonsville,MD

kristin helberg

Chesapeake Bay mural at St. Mark School

For the past week and a half, I have been working with the entire 5th grade at St. Mark School in Catonsville to create life on the Chesapeake.

The children are drawing and painting crab boats, fishermen, fish shacks and wildlife along with images of their school taking part in activities with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation teaching boat.

The project was jointly funded by the school and the MD State Arts Council as part of their artist in residency program. 

Our project has been delayed with the snow and ice storm, but we will be finished with the 4' x 8' mural panel by the 24th of March.

Creating a crab boat on the bay

Creating a crab boat on the bay