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Kristin Helberg

Vinegar Graining Class

kristin helberg

Every year, I teach a class on vinegar graining  during the Common Ground on the Hill traditions week at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland.   Common Ground is a Chautauqua experience where you can live in the dorms and take exciting classes in traditional arts, crafts, music as well as dance.

The class is 3 hours every morning for 5 days from June 29 to July 3rd.  At the end of the 15 hours you will have leaned mixing formulas for vinegar paint, wood preparation, texturing techniques as well as the proper finishing varnish.  You will go home with a small grained jewelry chest and a group of grained wooden picture frames, plus the knowledge needed to take on  large pieces in your home workshop.

I only take 8 students so you can have a very personalized learning experience.  For more information go to or call them at (410) 857-2771