Kristen Helberg - Paintings, Murals, and Vinegar Grained Boxes

Kristin Helberg

Vinegar Graining Class with Kristin Helberg

kristin helberg
Grained boxes and frames

Grained boxes and frames

Come and join me on the beautiful campus of McDaniel College in Westminster, MD and learn the Early American artform of vinegar graining.  The class is every afternoon June 26th through the 30th for a total of 15 hours.  You will learn the history of vinegar graining, the formulas for mixing vinegar paint and use of objects to texture your project.

At the end of the week you will leave with a small decorated jewelry chest and a group of small frames.  You will be armed with the knowledge that will let you tackle bigger furniture projects when you get back home.

My class is taught at Common Ground on the Hill at McDaniel College.  I only take 8 students so I can do a good job teaching you these techniques.  Call (410) 857-2771 or email office at commonground@commongroundonthe